More Creative Lighting With Olympus

My example of the day demonstrates how flash can improve your photography in creative ways. In this image, I shot the lucky cat at a very high shutter speed of 1000/s with a flash to give it a more dramatic effect. The other example was taken just using the available light in the room. I was able to achieve a… Read more →


Nalzok Dev Update

We’re hard at work getting the initial functionality written for our upcoming game. We haven’t decided on a real title yet, so for now we’re calling it Nalzok internally. We have certain functional things like the menu, assent handling, mapping, walking, basic mouse/touch interactions, etc. We have plenty of needs and not a lot of people working on this project, but I’m… Read more →


Olympus In Low Light

At a micro four thirds shooter, I often get sass for my inability to take photographs in low light situations due to the amount of “noise” that would be introduced in my images. This is a common argument often made by users who are afraid to use anything smaller than a 35mm digital sensor. To me, it feels like this… Read more →


Creative Lighting With Olympus

The example today shows how much of a difference flash can make in your photography when you want to achieve a creative effect. The top image uses 2 flash guns that are both capable of high speed sync. The background flash was fitted with a snoot and a blue color gel, the front fill flash with a snoot as well but… Read more →


Uninteresting Camera Information

Whenever I look at camera gear reviews, I’m greatly annoyed by certain pieces of information that I feel is unnecessary to talk about when discussing modern lenses. In my view, the criteria below serves only as filler and results in a complete waste of both my and others time. 1. Lens Distortion I can understand how distortion can be a… Read more →